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My name is Courtney!

I help kids and adults to sleep better, breathe better and optimize their overall health through awareness and treatment of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders.

Welcome to Archway Orofacial

Courtney Robertson

Registered Dental Hygienist,

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

I see most of my patients online through one on one video appointments. This makes Myofunctional Therapy accessible to you, anywhere in the world, no matter where you live!
Coming soon: For those local to Ottawa, ON, in-person appointments will be available in the coming months!

Myofunctional Therapy is commonly used to help with...

Get Started with Myofunctional Therapy

Online Class

30 Minute Video Consultation ($50.00)

1:1 Video Consultation

  • Learn about Myofunctional Therapy

  • Have your questions answered

  • Find out if Myofunctional Therapy is right for you

Online Meeting

Comprehensive Myofunctional Evaluation

(CAD $150)

1:1 Video Consultation

  •  90 minute consultation

  • In-depth medical/dental history review

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Orofacial muscle function, breathing, oral rest posture and swallow pattern

  • A custom treatment plan designed just for you

  • Required to start a Myofunctional Therapy program



Arches & Airway Blog

Read my blog!

Here I like to share my airway health tips, resources and experiences as a Mom, a patient, a Dental Professional and a Myofunctional Therapist.

I hope to help you feel supported and empowered in your airway health journey!

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